Tuesday 17 May 2016

ISIS Caliphs 4 Brexit (apparently)

Here's a Twitter  exchange between a BBC Scotland political correspondent and a BBC Middle East correspondent....rudely interrupted by our old friend DB...

I can see DB's point here.

BBC One's News at Six mentioned Dave's 'ISIS 4 Brexit' point but did so very much in passing (merely a clip of the PM speaking) and quite some way into the bulletin - and without so much as even beginning to bat a critical eyelid about it, never mind raising up a storm of 'controversy' about it. 

Boris finds all hell descending upon him for mentioned Hitler (and Napoleon and the Romans). David Cameron calls Caliph Ibrahim of the Islamic State for Brexit and...what from the BBC (and their like)? 

Pretty much nothing.


  1. "This is The Voice of Remainia, formerly the BBC...Here is the six o'clock news. David Cameron has warned of the risk of the UK's entire National Health Service being closed down if the UK leaves the EU. Leave campaigners have reacted angrily, hardly able to control themselves due to their weak, primitive and irrational minds. However, David Cameron was able to cite 307 NHS executives as supporting his contention, all of them having been promised continued well paid sinecures after retirement if they signed the letter, but that's not important is it? - it's the fact that they know what they are talking about and jokey blond Boris doesn't. Our correspondent Laura Kuennesberg reports -

    "This is another body blow for the Leave campaign following on several bruising punches already delivered by our wonderful Prime Minister in recent days. Let me give an impartial summing up: either the Leave campaign will throw in the towel now, or - alternatively - will just stagger on to inevitable defeat on points."

    In other news, the Pope has warned Britons not to vote for Brexit, saying it would be a mortal sin. The Archbishop of Canterbury has welcomed his intervention. And now, a report from our European Correspondent Jenny Hill who has personally been ferrying migrants from Calais to Dover in rubber dinghies in a display of humanitarian impartiality as part of World on the Move Day, or as it has become known popularly "Come on now, move along there, there's plenty of space" Day."

  2. BBC #editorialintegrity suffering major triage dilemmas hourly. Oddly, mostly in one direction.

  3. Meanwhile - another hard day at the Reality Check coalface, making mountains out of molehills...as long as we are talking about Leave comments.

    The BBC Website Reality Check states that Boris Johnson "says the European Union will only allow bananas to be sold in bunches of two or three." That's not quite what he said but let's leave that aside.

    The BBC then go on to make a huge song and dance about the claim, essentially BJ of telling a whopper.

    Only in the last para do they admit "If you are a wholesaler, you are not allowed to pack bananas in bunches of two or three - they have to either be single bananas or bunches of four or more. But that doesn't affect retailers, who can sell bunches of any size they like."

    The BBC appear to be under the impression that wholesalers give away their bananas rather than selling them.

    It is seems to me that Boris's claim that "It is absurd we are told you cannot sell bananas in bunches of more than two or three bananas." is close enough to the truth, since retailers are hardly going to start putting them back to together again!

    Meanwhile, nothing about Cameron's claim that ISIS support Brexit.

    1. Whoops, I did my own reality check and saw I got confused about this EU reg. - don't we all? - seems the wholesalers have to sell either singles or in bunches of four or more. Maybe Boris got it slightly garbled, but surely the essence of what he was saying is correct: the EU do get involved in determining the number of bananas that can be presented for sale.


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