Tuesday 10 May 2016


As a candidate for 'Maddest Story Ever' - and the BBC is far from being alone in reporting it - is the absolutely crazy story of Manchester Police apologising for "racial stereotyping" after volunteers cried "Allahu Akbar" (Our God is greater than yours) during a mock terrorist attack designed to be as realistic as possible. 

Given that someone crying "Allahu Akbar" is, obviously, a highly realistic touch there should, quite obviously, have been no need to apologise. But a "peace activist" complained it was "stereotyping", and the police duly apologised for any "offence" caused ,and the BBC et al duly reported it as if was a fair cop and the police really were at fault. 

And so, in fairness, did Sky News - though, unlike the BBC, they dared to open up their report to comments, and the vast majority of those comments made exactly the kind of points that most of us would also make: points which can basically be summed up with the acronym 'WTF!?'

Update: The same though seems to have crossed Douglas Murray's mind too:

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  1. Even if a naughty person does shout that well-known 'Islamic benediction' before a terrorist act, it's nothing to do with Islam. Or so the BBC will claim every single time.


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