Saturday 14 May 2016

Dame Jenni asks a question

Do you remember the controversy when Woman's Hour tried to ignore the mass assaults in Cologne (and elsewhere) on New Years Eve, despite being a feminist programme?


Woman's Hour had two Labour MPs on yesterday to discuss the EU referendum in the light of women's rights: Harriet Harman (Remain) and Gisela Stuart (Leave). Dame Jenni Murray carried out both interviews, and put this question to Ms. Stuart: 
We've talked about the men who are at the front of your campaign - and, equally, at the front of the other side. One interesting thing that came out was your Vote Leave campaign director, Dominic Cummings, tweeted...After those New Year attacks in Cologne that so much was made of he tweeted, "There's nothing to stop sex attackers flying to the UK when they get EU citizenship. Vote Leave = a safer choice". How do you respond to that kind of inflammatory and, arguably, racist comment?
How typical of BBC people like Dame Jenni Murray to consider that tweet "inflammatory and, arguably, racist"! And how typical that she's still so dismissive of what happened in Cologne (and elsewhere) at the start of the year!


  1. She really looks like the lady Arnie smuggled himself past security in Total Recall.


  2. Pantomime Dame Jenni knows that she is more likely to keep her sinecure if she does her bit to help the BBC's Remain campaign. Can you imagine how long she would last if she had said something rude about the Remain campaign? It's outrageous she uses her position to denigrate the leader of the Leave campaign.

  3. The real racist is the person who lumps all non-whites together into a monolithic colored group. If you can hear the dog whistle, you're probably the dog.


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