Thursday 18 June 2020

Double Jeopardy

A Guest Post by Arthur T

From the BBC News website:
... ‘Black Durham trainee vicar denied job at 'white' church’  

... ‘A black trainee vicar was rejected for a job by church bosses who said his potential parishioners were "monochrome white working class”. ... 
.... Mr Tanner-Ihm, who is from Chicago and is a Reverend Seminarian in the United States, applied for a role as a curate at a church in the south of England.’ ... 
This story is just what the doctor ordered for the BBC current narrative. It dovetails beautifully into the last two or three weeks’ BLM storyline. Or, does it? 
From a recent comment on Open Thread: 
... ’Black Lives Matter' is an imported conceptual tag from the USA. There, only white on black racism counts - not racism towards the whole BAME group - and definitely not racism pointed towards white people. The BLM form of anti-racism has been imported as a job-lot complete with suitable imagery of outrage, which are truly horrific. The BAME term is not used in the USA. 
Of particular value to the BBC weaponry is the anti-Donald Trump narrative in which, since the Munchetty affair and afterwards when BBC wisdom is 'President Trump is a racist', the BLM activism can allow easy sideswipes at the President. Furthermore, in the BBC narrative, anti-Trump sentiments are easily redirected as anti-Boris Johnson equivalents. 'Never let a crisis go to waste' is the BBC's byword. The racism narrative sits there in readiness. What the BBC haven't yet worked through fully is how to integrate their BLM reporting success into the BAME and more recent migration groups.... 

... 'Black Power! The Nation of Islam! The most racist outfit imaginable. Raised fists!.' ... hasn't yet become mainstream BLM/BBC coinage. There's far too much invested in the Christian Gospel roots of the slavery narrative to suddenly switch to 'The Nation of Islam'. Such a move might dilute the BLM anti-colonialism story. Tread carefully BBC! You wouldn't want one anti-white story to take the shine off another. An accusatory Christian association is more useful to the BBC as it has resonance with British colonialism across the globe. ... 
The above story about Mr Tanner-Ihm defines nicely the BBC’s fascination with US BLM politics. However, there is a glaring inconsistency with the BBC established ‘white on BAME’ racism they perceive to be around every corner in the UK. The Mr Tanner-Ihm story has many of the BBC preferred box-ticks - suggesting a strong identity with Gospel music and Evangelism (that might be right or wrong, but on past performance, it would be the obvious conclusion). 
It’s inconvenient for the BBC to entertain the idea of 'Black Power! The Nation of Islam! being imported on the back of BLM messages. That would potentially usurp the home-grown version. 
Their BLM narrative takes the BBC into a cul-de-sac whereby their attacks on white supremacist far-right groups does not transfer quite so easily to other BAME ‘victims’ supposedly under attack from the same far-right groups. Here is the double jeopardy. TR was shrewd enough to avoid the so-called ‘far-right violent protests’ in London. Repeatedly he is described as ‘founder of the EDL, but we should await the oncoming competition between the imported BLM and the home-grown BAME racism to see who can claim the prize of being the worse hated by the far-right. Tread carefully BBC! 

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