Sunday 28 June 2020

Summarising the problem

I think this comment from Cui Bono on an earlier thread needs a post to itself, as it provides a splendid - and, in my opinion, correct - summary of the double standards at play in recent BBC reporting:

Anyone who had been blinded to BBC bias must surely have had the scales fall from their eyes over the past few weeks. It has simply been too obvious to ignore.

1. A police killing in Florida receives weeks of coverage sympathetic to the BLM cause.

2. The Jihadi terrorist murders of three gay men in Reading is buried after exactly three days.

3. The BBC is outraged by large groups of people going to the beach due to the risk of Covid 19 cross contamination.

4. The BBC completely ignores the risk from Covid 19 cross contamination posed by massive BLM protests. Indeed the BBC encourages said protests.

5. The BBC suggests that President Trump's rally will spread Covid 19.

6. The BBC ignores the risk of Covid spread from US BLM protests.

7. The BBC gloatingly mocks President Trump because of a low turnout at his rally.

8. The BBC fails to report that the Democrat Mayor had imposed a curfew forcing people queuing for days to attend the rally to go home. They also fail to mention BLM protestors actively preventing people from reaching the venue.

9. Today they have a BAME Labour MP complaining about a spike in Covid 19 in the Leicester community. A quick Google search tells me that a large BLM protest took place there on the 6th of June, but the BBC does not see any connection.

10. The BBC and other outlets were very quick to blame the stabbing attacks in Glasgow on poor living conditions for asylum seekers in the hotel in which they were staying. Again a quick Google search shows us a hotel in which any reasonable person would be quite happy to stay.

Just a few off the top of my head, but everyone I know, including people who would not normally have any interest in politics, is talking about these things and they are angry at the double standards at play in reporting and also in policing in this country.

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