Saturday 13 June 2020

Is this the way things are going?

I intended to share this earlier, but today is probably a better day to share it, given what's going on. It's a Twitter thread posted on Wednesday by comedian Konstantin Kisin, and it's already starting to come true:

You're going to hate me for writing this. You're going to resist what I say because you don't want it to be true. You're going to pretend that I want this to be true when, in fact, there is nothing I hate more than the fact that is has come to this.

Here is what happens next:

If protestors continue to deface monuments like Winston Churchill's statue and burn British flags on the Cenotaph, you will see groups forming to defend them. These groups will be composed primarily of young, angry white men and led by people with links to groups like the EDL and Tommy Robinson. This is already happening.

The groups will gather in city centres to "defend our country". They will have names with words like "patriotic", "British", "defence" in them.

Inevitably, they will clash with the current protestors and the police. Under pressure from the media and political class, the police will overreact. They will treat these groups differently to the BLM protestors. They will use force. They will detain people for breaking lockdown rules. They will issue stiff sentences.

The media will do the opposite of what they did with the BLM protestors - instead of talking about how "27 police officers were injured in "largely peaceful" protests", they will run major front page headlines like "27 police officers injured by far right violence".

At this point, the majority of the public will lose the ability to be nuanced. The double standards will be too obvious to ignore. Fuelled by a constant stream of images of white people kneeling, washing POC feet and publicly apologising, as they already are, they will conclude that their very identity is under attack. At this point, all their sensible aversion to supporting thuggish far right groups will evaporate. They will believe they are in a war for their survival and extreme measures are justified.

At the next election, which will likely be brought forward for one reason or another fuelled by mass unemployment resulting from the economic depression, far right parties will make significant inroads. When I say “far right”, I am not talking about what the far left call “far right” such as anyone who talks about controlling immigration. I’m talking about genuine far right parties that talk about *reversing* immigration and deportations.

These parties will not win seats or get anywhere near Government but they will put a UKIP-like pressure on the Conservatives. Boris Johnson will likely be ousted as too soft and liberal and replaced by a law and order hardliner.

From here, I’m afraid, the journey is all too obvious.

The only way to prevent this is to reverse the re-racialisation of our society. Either we learn to live together or the very idea of a multi-ethnic society is over. 

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