Sunday 28 June 2020

Moving on

When it was first mooted, I was quite enthusiastic about the idea of Times Radio providing an alternative to the increasingly tired and tiresome BBC Radio 4. But then the names of the presenters came out and it turned out to be mostly BBC presenters and familiar BBC guests, mostly from the 'mainstream centre' (as they like to see themselves). I suppose it could still be better than BBC Radio 4, but I can't see it being much more broad-minded.

Still, one of its new presenters, John Pienaar, has given an interview to The Sunday Times and said something he wouldn't have said while at the BBC - especially at the moment:
I wouldn’t describe Britain as a racist country. I grew up strongly believing that part of Britain and part of Britishness meant a kind of a leaning towards tolerance. I thought the British character recoiled from extremism. I still kind of believe that.
That's good to hear. 

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