Thursday 18 June 2020

Laura Kuenssberg gives Dominic Raab a ticking-off

Sisyphus on the Open Thread observes:
6pm News - Kuenssberg openly critical of Raab's, to me perfectly reasonable, comments on 'taking the knee.' There was something similar from Chris Mason at lunchtime - tell you what, you two, how about respecting the impartiality provision of the BBC charter? You could, for example, simply report the facts and allow people to make up their own minds.
Here's a sample of Laura K's judgemental editorialising tonight:
The pitch became a site of protest, kneeling to show strength and sympathy in the fight for black rights - echoing last night the stance, the anger of protesters around the world and here at home. Yet the full story seemed rather to have passed the Foreign Secretary by.

...this less-than-diplomatic choice of words by our diplomatic chief adds to the sense of frustration among those who believe the understanding in government is not complete, and that even though there have been years of promises, progress has been far too slow.

When strong feelings are stirred, perhaps our politicians might be advised to always proceed with care.

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