Sunday 14 June 2020

One week on

Last weekend - when bikes were being flung at police horses, far-left mobs were injuring dozens of police, the statue of the war leader who stood up to and defeated Nazism was being defaced, and a rioter tried to set the country's flag alight on the Cenotaph - the BBC chose to under-report the violence of BLM/far-left protests and called them "largely peaceful". Predictably, this is the main headline on the BBC News website this weekend:

Note the unflinching use of the word "violent" and the highlighting of a piece of bad behaviour by a protestor - and the unclipped images of aggressive protestors. The contrast could hardly be sharper. 

Was this weekend's violence worse than last week's though? Mahyar Tousi writes:
I see tweets suggesting today was more violent than last week’s BLM protest. I was there and filmed it. I can confirm it was not more violent. The only reason you think that is because today’s violent footage was more widely reported by the mainstream media than last week.
And I think Dizzy sums up the double standards problem quite neatly:

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