Sunday 28 June 2020

One of our paragraphs is missing

I've seen a few tweets in recent days complaining about a BBC News website piece that said:
This discrimination also extends to transphobic preferences in the dating world: from cisgender gay men not wanting to date trans men, to the routine fetishisation of trans women. 
Clicking into the report, by Shrai Popat of BBC News, it was clearly the woke BBC reporter saying that rather than her merely indirectly quoting others. 

I concluded that this was typical of the kind of activist reporting that many are noting is spreading like wildfire among younger reporters who work for mainstream media organisations. 

I wasn't going to blog about it, but I saw another tweet suggesting that the BBC has taken fright and sneakily deleted the offending passage: 
Looks like BBC News has deleted this passage from this piece.  On one level, this is welcome. Depressing to see national broadcaster legitimising this regressive bullying attitude,  But simply deleting it—with no note to say this ‘news’ piece has been changed—is also a v bad choice.
The edit was so surreptitious that Newsniffer has failed to catch up and still shows the earlier versions with the offending passage still included and not the stealthily-edited version. Still, nonetheless, Newssniffer proves the dodgy edit. 

This kind of journalism is going to tie the BBC up in knots if they're not careful.

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