Saturday 27 June 2020

Speading the hate

The BBC controversially published the following divisive article back on 11 June, and people are now taking against it:

The piece's author Jaydee Seaforth (I'm tempted to re-name her 'Jaydee Spewforth') says: 
Officer tells me he's just doing his job. I tell him Nazis were just doing theirs and I am doing mine.. I returned to that statue they were guarding. Someone had managed to paint 'ACAB' on it. The message gives me hope that attitudes are changing.
Here's a flavour of the reaction:
Ben Cobley: The BBC here has given a comment piece to a BLM activist in which she's claimed that imperialism is a part of Covid-19, attacked the police for protecting statues she deems as racist and said the All Cops Are Bastards (ACAB) message, "gives me hope that attitudes are changing." It's a remarkable thing to see on a public-funded website. It ends with a ‘Jaydee's ABC's of allyship’, explicitly offering political instructions to people, telling us to submit to activists claiming injustice even when we don’t see it ourselves. It's straight indoctrination. 
Patrick O'Flynn: Also says 15% of Tech workforce is from a BAME background and complains about that. It's almost exactly proportionate to the population. 
William Clouston: Over 100 Police officers have been injured this week, many seriously. Are the BBC and others in the UK media are partly responsible? Day after day they've allowed Black Lives Matter supporters to make claims unsupported by evidence which have angered and radicalised people.

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