Thursday 31 December 2020

11pm Brexit Hour, New Years Eve 2020

Well, it says it all.

The websites of the Sky News and ITV News made the upcoming, historic 11pm break from the EU their lead stories in the run-up to 11pm. The BBC News website kept the story in fourth place. 

Typically sour from the BBC. 

11pm strikes. History is made. The BBC moves the story to first place.

ITV (at 11.07pm) goes with Big Ben bonging and a picture of Downing Street: 
Sky  (at 11.08pm) goes with Big Ben and a new chapter:
And the BBC (at 11.09 pm) goes with a police van and a police officer talking to a lorry driver stopped at the border and talk of 'separation':
I rest my case, M'lud. The BBC has surpassed itself. 

And with that, good night, cheers and a Happy New Year from snowy Morecambe!

Update (11.40pm): Still up. The BBC has just changed its picture:

Happy New Year again!

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