Saturday 5 December 2020

In which I get out of bed and take offence at Huw Edwards

78 year-old physicist Sir Michael Pepper has incurred the wrath of grumpy BBC newsreader Huw Edwards. Paying tribute, via The Times, to his late colleague Sir John Meurig Thomas, Sir Michael wrote the following: 
The ostentatiously Welsh Huw got out of bed this morning, on the wrong side no doubt, and tweeted
I don't think Sir Michael Pepper meant that Sir John Meurig Thomas used Welsh in his daily life "simply" to thwart others. (That's fake news, and from a BBC newsreader!). 

And I'd say that if Sir John did what Sir Michael described regularly it shouldn't be held as a slur on the Welsh nation for him to "simply" recount that that's exactly what Sir John did or to say why he did it. 

Of course though, silly me, taking offence doesn't need adequate reasons these days, especially on Twitter. It's enough just to take it, send out a snippy tweet and bask in the 'likes' from people with Welsh flags in their Twitter bios. 

What a world!

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