Thursday 31 December 2020



Meanwhile, over on BBC One, the BBC News at Six's Reeta gave us this cheery (fourth-place) headline:

The end of a nearly 50 year marriage. At 11pm tonight, the UK leaves the trading bloc of the EU.

Ah, yes. We all love a wedding. We all admire long marriages. We're not so positive about divorces. What a headline!

It later became:

At 11 o'clock tonight, the United Kingdom will complete its transition from the European Union's single market and customs union - bringing an end to a partnership that lasted almost 50 years. 

We all like the idea of partnerships. And now this one's now no more. 

It's all so sad! I don't think Jane Garvey will be seeing too many empty champagne bottles strewn around Broadcasting House tonight, unlike in 1997. (Maybe the odd vodka or absinthe bottle?).


And what came next? 

The BBC's Alex Forsyth reviewing in fast forward the past 4+ years (starting, in true BBC/Remain style, with that bus with the £350m for the NHS slogan they think sums up the Leave campaign), and then  came her first 'talking head' - a butterfly farmer in Stratford-upon-Avon who exports butterflies to the EU, who doesn't like the "uncertainty" and whose opening words are "This Brexit malarkey". 

Then came a clip of Hilary Benn railing against Brexit, followed by two more 'talking heads': pro-Brexit Iain Duncan Smith and anti-Brexit Hilary Benn (again). 

Alex ended with:

The ports and borders may be the first to feel the impact in coming days and weeks ['impact' implying something negative hitting you]  but whether time for rejoicing [positive], regret [negative] or resignation [negative] this is the start of a wider change in our relationship with those across the Channel. Alex Forsyth, BBC News.

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