Sunday 13 December 2020

What you may have missed...

This morning's Sunday programme on Radio 4 was typical. 

It began, as it so often does these days, by reporting criticism of PM Modi's BJP government in India. Mr Modi's ears must often burn on Sunday mornings. 

Then there were two people who converted to religion during lockdown - one, inevitably, to Islam. 

And then there was the usual guest from main presenter Ed Stourton's liberal Catholic magazine The Tablet talking breathlessly about Pope Francis. 

An interview discussing a campaign petitioning for a 14-year old Christian girl being persecuted in Pakistan to be granted asylum by Boris Johnson - "Asylum is the only answer" - came next, tiptoeing around the issue of those responsible for her persecution - Muslims.  

There was also an approving feature on the sanctuary movement - churches that help migrants in the US. Both presenter and reporter stuck to the word "migrant", avoiding the words "illegal" and "immigrant".

To mark the break, a hundred years ago, of the Church of Wales from the Church of England, a discussion followed between Wales Humanists, who want more secularisation in Wales, and a Welsh bishop who wants liberalisation, diversity and inclusivity. Very Sunday!

And, to end, there was a heartwarming feature about an NHS doctor and nurse switching on the Christmas lights at Durham Cathedral.

Are you tempted to listen?

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