Friday 4 December 2020

Slowly breaking news

Finishing work in the last hour, I clicked into my social media feeds to learn that the left-wing Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit bribery and witness intimidation. 

As you do, I then clicked onto the BBC News website and found nothing about it. 

"That's odd", I thought. So I clicked on the Sky News website and found they were leading with it under the headline "Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson arrested on suspicion of bribery and witness intimidation, Sky News understands". 

I popped his name into Google and found newspapers like The Daily Mail and The Sun and The Guardian reporting the story. 

Surprisingly, even Joe Anderson's Wikipedia entry had this, posted at 17:26: 
In December 2020, Anderson is one of five men arrested as part of an investigation into building and development contracts in Liverpool.
I decided to write this post at 17:44. Clicking again on the BBC News website at 17:51, the BBC are still not reporting the story. So I checked the ITV News website and it's ITV's second story.

Aren't the BBC slow? Even this blog has the story quicker than them!

Update 18:08: I click and re-clicked every minute. It appeared on the BBC News website's home page at 18:07, apparently 8 minutes after being first published. Even at 18:07 it's very short.

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