Sunday 28 October 2012


There is already something of a small cottage industry of 'BBC bias'-related blogs out there - some of which we have ourselves posted at over the years. As they tend to be topical, 'breaking news'-style blogs, we feel that there might be a space in the market for a quieter parallel blog that takes a broader, more long-term view - looking at allegations of bias over extended time-frames and looking (when the mood takes us) beyond the BBC. 

You are probably wondering why the blog's title takes the form of a question rather than an assertion. The question mark at the end of it is not meant to be purely rhetorical with "Yes!" as the inevitable answer. If any detailed study produces evidence of careful attempts at impartiality it will be reported here and rejoiced in. The aim is to answer the question in the blog's title, without constantly pre-judging it. 

We want to be proud of the BBC and hope that the corporation will respond positively to any evidence of failings. Any such evidence will be shared (by various means) with interest parties beyond the quietly lapping waters of this little blog.

Please feel free to comment - whether that be to contribute some concrete examples of  your own of what you believe to be biased reporting or to point out any errors of fact or interpretation on our part. There's no point producing what we think to be convincing evidence of something if it collapses at the first hurdle, so your vigilance would be greatly appreciated. 

Hope you find it interesting!

P.S. Sue will be joining me shortly. So if you're wondering why it's only me be begin with, well, it won't be for long!

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