Saturday 25 August 2018

" the Labour leader works to tackle anti-Semitism in his party"

The most striking thing about the BBC News website's two reports about Jeremy Corbyn's British Zionists comments - the earlier Jewish Labour MP 'feels unwelcome' after Corbyn comments and the later Jeremy Corbyn defends 'British Zionist' comments - is that both of them feature the following paragraph:

We all know what the BBC think about the Daily Mail thanks to their numerous "news comedy" shows and other comedy vehicles plus the numerous Twitter comments of their staff. They hate it and think it prints lies. We all know that's the official BBC line on the Mail.  
And then to contrast that something from the (obviously lying as far as the BBC are concerned) Mail, we have the absurd, completely unsupported claim that Jeremy Corbyn (of all people!) is working to tackle anti-semitism in his party!!!
Quite. It's an extraordinary thing for the BBC to simply assert here that Mr. Corbyn is 'working to tackle anti-Semitism in his party' or 'making efforts to tackle anti-Semitism in his party'. 

Large numbers of people think he's doing no such thing. 

Indeed, that's the point of the whole controversy: Isn't Mr. Corbyn the problem not the solution? 

So the BBC is giving the impression that it's backing the Labour leader here by making such a controversial - and, in the eyes of many, palpably false - assertion.

And it is noteworthy that ITV, which also mentions the Mail, correctly calls it "MailOnline". The site after all belongs to two distinct papers - the Daily Mail and its half-sister the Mail on Sunday, with their different editors and different political standpoints. By just referring "the Daily Mail", was the BBC employing the proverbial dog-whistle here?

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