Sunday 26 August 2018

Whatever Happened to Milo Yiannopoulos?

Anyone wondering whatever happened to Milo Yiannopoulos need wonder no longer. Here he is: 

Here are some Twitter reactions to his plight from various BBC/Guardian types:


  1. This is really why in the UK (and no doubt the States as well, but not my country) we need real education in Free Speech. It's nothing to do with protecting opinions you like, it's about allowing free expression of all opinions (within a common sense legal framework designed to prevent incitement to violence) and that of course includes even those that you personally may find offensive.

    There is hardly anyone on the UK political or media scene who actually stands up for free speech...maybe Rod Liddle, that's about the only one I can think of. No MPs support free speech. Lord Pearson might qualify. But that is literally it.

  2. Milo posted it on Facebook as a reply to a comment about a video

    I guess he is saying that left will always attack right-wing voices, so people need support from fellow righties not attack.

    1. Seems he'd been posting excitedly about being on the Politicon bill in October , and then news stories emerged he'd been kicked off
      So he posted he wasn't bothered, but seems he was.

      \\ after an evening of public outcry and fellow guest speaker Cameron Esposito, a stand-up comic, withdrawing her appearance in outrage, Yiannopoulos had disappeared from the event’s website.//
      Tucker Carlson will still be featured

      Milo has got stick from his fans for promising podcasts but not delivering. THEY PAY FOR IT
      Yet he is supposed to be doing an Australia tour with Ann Coulter at end of November.

  3. Oh dear. Look at Burley retweeting trivia from Marina Hyde. Has she ever written anything that had any point other than spite?


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