Thursday 23 August 2018

Corbyn on the BBC

Corbyn on the BBC (it's not far left enough)


English Irony

I failed to embed the video from the Daily Mail, but if you watch it you'll see some pretty unpleasant body language.
“British Zionists] clearly have two problems. One is they don't want to study history, and secondly, having lived in this country for a very long time, probably all their lives, they don't understand English irony either.’

Here, 'Arbeit' Matt Frei,  "We've run out of time"


  1. There's more than a whiff of anti-semitism in that comment about English irony from Jeremy Corbyn...sort of thing you'd hear out in the shires in the late 50s perhaps, said a little sotto voce.

    But of course Corbyn was among anti-semitic friends so had nothing to fear.

    I do wonder about Corbyn's (living out in the shirtes)..."peace campaigners" supporting the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War we are told...but there were plenty of people on the left in the UK e.g. Henry Hyndman of the SDF who were anti-semitic from an ideologic perspective. It would be interesting to know what Ma and Pa Corbyn's political background really was.

    Alan Dershowitz may be a lawyer, but one had to smile at his response to Matt Frei.

    1. Yes, there's definitely more than a whiff about it.

      Putting it another way, Manchester University's Prof. Colin Talbot, who I used to write about a lot on my previous blog (,
      tweeted the following today:

      "I am genuinely shocked. I thought Corbyn's antisemitism was political - his monomaniacal hatred of Israel spilling over into AS. But this is classic middle-class English cultural antisemitism. Which is far worse IMO."

      As Sue says, Jeremy Corbyn's body language here is disturbing. It's a kind of superior sneer. And he's using the word 'Zionist' in exactly the way the word 'Zio' is used by some of his antisemitic supporters.

      I'm not seeing anything on the BBC about this so far. Is anyone else?

    2. The BBC gave a supportive report on his media reform speech at the end of tonight’s 10 o’clock news. Ended by saying requesting BBC Social classes was just an idea.

    3. I really ought to proof-

      "I do wonder about Corbyn's (living out in the shirtes)..."peace campaigners" supporting the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War we are told..." should have read:

      "I do wonder about Corbyn's parents(living out in the shires)..."peace campaigners" supporting the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War we are told.."

    4. One of the many interesting things about the Alan Dershowitz interview on Channel 4 is that Channel 4 then posted a YouTube video of MOST of it.

      What they missed was the first minute or so when Matt Frei introduced Mr Dershowitz as Trump advisor and Mr Dershowitz immediately stopped the interview with a "Stop, stop, stop!" and said he wasn't a Trump advisor, had voted for Hillary Clinton and wouldn't be voting Republican in November, so don't do this!!

      Matt Frei had to apologise (though sneering gritted teeth).

      It's telling that Channel 4 edited out Matt Frei's embarrassment from the start of their 5-minute YouTube video of the interview. If this blog was called 'Is Channel 4 biased?' we'd have had a field day with that!

    5. True! (And quite right too!)

  2. There is something deeply sinister about Corbyn’s plans for the BBC. I don’t believe for one second that he is concerned with balance, rather he wants a BBC that is supportive of his ideology. It is fine for him to talk about government control when he is in opposition, but I suspect it might be a different story should he actually become Prime Minister. No doubt it would all be done under the guise of “people power”, but in Corbyn’s mind the “people” would probably be the Trade Unions and the deluded Corbynistas who put him into power. In the report there were also references to “class” and various suggestions of PC interference in the running of the BBC. The whole thing is pure Marxist double-speak.

    I don’t think there can be any doubt now that Corbyn is an anti-Semite. To hear him talk of a British sense of Irony without being aware of the even greater irony of a dullard like himself referring to the study of history might be hilarious if it were not also tragic.

    1. I felt them to be deeply sinister too Terry. His proposals read like a vague plan to make the BBC even more dominant and well-funded whilst subjecting it to "class" quotas and making its board accountable to activists via online votes (probably dominated by highly motivated Corbynistas).

    2. Yes, deeply sinister...I mentioned on a previous thread that I was of the view that a Corbyn government would move quickly to take effective control of the BBC (they are all sorts of methods they can use apart from Charter renewal)...the only joy in all this would be seeing those who currently preside over the BBC's ouput squealing as they are kicked out of their jobs. But we would really have moved v. quickly to a Soviet-style era of broadcasting (but with a delightful Sharia Red Button facility incorporated).

    3. His speech, going after social media providers and the right-wing press, made it clear (to me) that the BBC, once overhauled and then governed in part by Corbynista placemen, would be the Corbyn government's favoured media outlet.

      That "placemen" term came from Sarah Baxter on tonight's 'Newsnight'. She was up against Owen Jones and, because he wouldn't shut up, she barely got a word in edgeways.

      She was right though about the obvious intent of Jeremy Corbyn here (despite all his nice sops about FoI): He and his supporters want control.

  3. Hmm...well it's been picked up by the BBC - wonders will never cease!...perhaps they smell some weakness here and think it's time to move against Corbyn, so as to insert their preferred soggy left Eurofanatics into the Labour leadership (if so, they are deluded)...

    Also, the BBC's educational "capsule" is v. deficient in not stating that Zionism was a response to the ethnic nationalism of Europe in the late 19th century which increasingly rejected the idea that Jews could be part of the national community.

    There is a "helpful" filler on Zionism. It states:

    "What is Zionism?

    Zionism refers to the movement to create a Jewish state in the Middle East, roughly corresponding to the historical land of Israel, and thus support for the modern state of Israel."

    This is a complete Fake News BBC Lie. Anyone who has studied Zionism will know that it was a movement to create a national state for Jews but the location was NEVER originally specified. Clearly as the movement grew various options were canvassed and a Jewish return to the Ottoman territory of Palestine to join with communities already existing there became increasingly popular. But the focus was on Palestine not the "Middle East". There were proposals for a Jewish state or home in Uganda and Madagascar which were much more the focus of Zionists in the early period.

    1. Hmm. The sentence reading "The clip was published on the Daily Mail website as Mr Corbyn makes efforts to tackle anti-Semitism in his party" begs the question: Is he really?

  4. Leon Trotsy: 'Radio, Science,Technique and Society.' - a speech of March 1926. Here is part, anyway, of Corbyn's blueprint: "It is necessary that on that day when the workers of Europe take control of the radio stations, when the proletariat of France take over the Eiffel Tower and announce from its summit that they are masters of France...The development of a radio-telegraphic network is...preparation for the moment when the people of Europe and Asia shall be united in a Soviet Union of Socialist Peoples."
    Having done that, open the floodgates to African & Middle Eastern immigration and we have Comrade Corbyn as Dictator-for-Life ...and the commissars will be knocking on our doors some day soon!

  5. Corbyn's position is precariously balanced on a knife-edge. He needs a no-deal Brexit followed by an early General Election. A soft Brexit would prevent him from (within the rules of the single market) implementing policies such as nationalisation of railways and other key services. I can't see a good outcome for him - but I can't see a good outcome in any event. If there is a leadership challenge in the Conservative Party, and Boris gets the job, he will be attacked with a torrent of personal abuse from the BBC and MSM now finely honed by practice on Donald Trump's good name. All the same sort of labels using the same sort of language will be levelled at Boris. Even if he can withstand this onslaught, he might find it impossible to counter a wave of negativity and prevarication from all the key institutions - the civil service, the unions, academia, the police and judiciary etc., let alone from the Remain lobby within the Conservative Party.

    It's been said before on this site: MPs throughout the UK should have the constituents' message ringing in their ears, and they should not be allowed to swan around in Westminster in blatant defiance of a democratic referendum result.

    If this government were to fall, and Corbyn was swept to power, then all those who allowed their MP the freedom to act directly against the majority should carry a part of the blame.

  6. I expect Corbyn is furious with the BBC because for so long the Labour Party and lefties have been used to it being so Labour. Any perceived coolness towards him or criticism of Labour must feel like a betrayal by a longtime friend. Especially since they got a Labour man in to occupy two key positions, not just head of strategy but having his mitts on radio too, even though they already have a director of radio.

    If he gets in and starts on the BBC, well that's what Labour or Labourites has already done with it, writing its agenda and social purposes into the Charter which is why we get all the propaganda, weasel words and divisive agenda which now dominate the BBC...we could all write them in in our sleep.

    What is Corbyn proposing but tweaking the weighted agenda towards a different element and ensuring some means of accountability to someone other than itself? Of course the people to be accounted to may be the wrong sort of people. Aren't they always? But shaking them up more often would be an improvement on the current system. Who would want to keep the status quo? Clementi? What is he doing to uphold standards and quality at the BBC? There's no sign of him doing anything.

    And Corbyn is right that we need a fairer system for paying for the BBC. What could be worse than the present state of compulsion and harassing of people in their homes if they don't choose to contribute to the BBC's coffers? That's insane. And taking poor people (women, mostly) to court. That is a disgrace. I'd welcome a shake-up of the BBC and for people to even be discussing it is welcome.


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