Saturday 18 August 2018

Unreality Check

Oh dear! The nationwide commercial radio station LBC isn't impressed with the BBC's Reality Check for calling it a "London radio station":  

Hey @BBCRealityCheck... @LBC is NOT a ‘LONDON’ radio station! It’s been national - ‘LEADING BRITAIN’S CONVERSATION’ - for nearly 5 years now.

"Good job it isn’t called Fact Check, eh?", tweeted LBC presenter Iain Dale.

What with James Kirkup eviscerating one of its pieces, it's not been the best week for the BBC's Reality Check. 

Maybe the BBC needs to set up a new unit called Reality Check Check to fact-check Reality Check. 

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  1. More to the point - why did the BBC focus on this earth shattering fact that as far as I know no one else was challenging? Well, I would suggest it is the equivalent of those PR "stories" where you think some star is going to confess to say a major addiction and then tells you he became dependent on two cups of coffee in the morning...

    The purpose here is to get us to focus on the BBC-approved fact that we have plenty of rooms and now all we need is a Bolshevik style regime to distribute them fairly to the population.

    Here's something for the BBC Reality Check team to get their teeth into: the Green Party are claiming that their Green Party Lady - Baroness Jones of Mouslecoomb - is an "elected member". Er - no Greenies! Completely unelected!!


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