Monday 13 August 2018

Covering/Not Covering (2)

Jeremy Corbyn: A wreath was indeed laid by some of those who were attended the conference for those who were killed in Paris in 1992.
Interviewer: Were you involved in that wreath-laying?
Jeremy Corbyn: I was present when it was laid. I don't think I was actually involved in it.
ITV viewers tonight will have seen a 3 minute-long report from Carl Dinnen on the Jeremy Corbyn wreath-laying controversy. Its introduction ran like this:
In the latest twist to the antisemitism controversy, Jeremy Corbyn has admitted he was present at a wreath-laying in honour of Palestinians with alleged links to the 1972 Munich Olympics terror attack. But the Labour leader says he doesn't think he was involved in the ceremony itself, in 2014. Eleven Israeli athletes were murdered in the attack. 
Viewers of BBC One's News at Six will have seen nothing. The BBC's main early evening news bulletin was entirely silent on the subject.

Update 21:22: And now the story has leapt from seventh place and is leading the BBC News website:

A Twitter row between Benjamin Netanyahu and Jeremy Corbyn has finally made this 'a big story' for the BBC. That's what it took.

Update 5:30, 14 Aug: Astonishingly, the story has already completely vanished from the BBC news home page. It is nowhere to be seen, neither among the headlines nor anywhere else:

And yet it's still leading Sky's news website:

...and it's still leading the ITV news website:

Isn't that extraordinary? 

(Even the Guardian is still leading with the story this morning.)

Blink, therefore, and you'll probably have missed the BBC News website's 'coverage' of this story. 

It's all a huge contrast to their blanket treatment of the Boris/burqa story. 

Given their treatment (or non-treatment) of this whole issue since Friday - see previous post -  this must surely be part of some senior editorial decision at the BBC to actively play this story down. 


  1. This highlights once again one of the very worst BBC news manipulation techniques - bias by omission.
    They are the masters of it and it blows a hole through their claim to be accurate, impartial, independent and fair.

  2. It's interesting how the MSM have generally covered up the nature of the Munich atrocities. Really horrific...

    Here's the Mail:

    "During a bloody and unequal battle, one man was killed outright and another — weightlifter Yossef Romano, who was on crutches following a competiton injury — was shot and then castrated.

    In a further act of unspeakable savagery, the attackers forced their captives to watch as his body was mutilated.

    Whether he was still alive, and exactly what the terrorists thought this would achieve, has never been known. Other athletes were beaten until their bones snapped."

    (It's now a long way down the article.)

    Why isn't Corbyn challenged to his face about such things? Let's hear a clear condemnation from him about that - not a "violence on both sides" style condemnation. I don't think he's capable of condemning such acts, I really don't and that is why I agree with Margaret Hodge.

  3. Has Newsnight been featuring reports of Parliamentary goings-on involving one Mr Vaz? I don't watch it but I came across this blog tonight by Chris Cook who is described as policy editor on Newsnight.

    It details reported bullying of House of Commons Committee Clerks and rule breaking for purposes of junketing abroad, with various unknown associates at banquets and even curry restaurant owners taken along for the ride. Slippery as ever and too important to need to bother with rules. That sounds like Vaz all right.

    There's also a photo from long ago of a young Corbyn and Vaz supporting a jailed Sri Lankan activist.

    1. I should have posted this in Open Thread. Forgot where I was.

  4. The message of the story appears to focus more on the fact that Netanyahu criticised Corbyn rather than Corby's despicable actions. No doubt hoping that the mere mention of Benjamin Netanyahu will exonerate “nice Mr Corbyn”.

    Then something rather sinister happened. During the Broadcast of “Today” there was a short piece containing two interviews. The first interviewee was very critical of Corbyn. The second one was with a spokesperson from that same far left Jewish anti-Zionist group that the BBC has wheeled out before to defend Corbyn. Apparently no Labour spokesperson was available. The motives are all too obvious. However, when I listened to the recorded version of Today on the Radio 4 website to check some details the item had completely disappeared. Either I am losing my marbles and imagining things that haven’t happened or the BBC are editing out items from the recorded broadcast that they don’t like.


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