Saturday 25 August 2018

Weighting for Jeremy

There's a contrast of headlines this morning on the various news websites: Sky News has Corbyn reported to MP standards watchdog over Zionist comment, ITV News has Corbyn defends ‘Zionists’ remark as Tories report him to watchdog and BBC News has Corbyn defends 'British Zionist' comments

The news that Mr. Corbyn has been reported to the MP standards watchdog leads Sky's report, appearing from the opening paragraph. 

ITV's report begins covering it from its second paragraph and then posts the entire letter of complaint from the Conservative MP. 

The BBC also mentions it but only at the very end (paragraphs 18-19 of a 19-paragraph report) and significantly more briefly (and vaguely) than the other two broadcasters. 

Of the three broadcasters ITV's report is weighted towards criticism of Jeremy Corbyn, Sky's report feature a fairly even spreads of criticism and support and the BBC's report gives Jeremy Corbyn's side the greater weight. 

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