Saturday 18 August 2018

Thank you

As Sue noted in her Medley post, James Kirkup wrote an extremely detailed critique of the BBC's coverage of transgender issue this week, and I think his criticisms of the corporation in this case are completely justified and irrefutable - especially his devastating debunking of a BBC Reality Check piece. 

"When it’s good, is first-class public service journalism", he wrote of Reality Check, though as transgender issues are an area of special interest to him he managed to see through this particular Reality Check piece on this occasion. A masked commenter below the article had this to say about that:
The BBC's Reality Check feature is 'first-class public service journalism'? LOL! Welcome to the real world of the BBC, James. You may have liked the angle previous entries took on other topics (Trump, Brexit), but you just agree with them. The BBC journalism in Reality Check is very often like this.
Anyhow, this post is mainly here to thank rockylives, who posted a lovely comment about our little two-handed blog, including:
The people who run the excellent blog "Is The BBC Biased" are scrupulously careful in their criticisms of our national broadcaster and regularly compile detailed and exhaustive reports to support their arguments. They give the BBC the benefit of the doubt where appropriate and do not automatically assume bad faith on its part or the part of its presenters and journalists.
Much appreciated!

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