Sunday 3 February 2019

All the weather that's fit to repeat

Talking about winter, The Sunday Times is having a little fun at the BBC's expense today, saying:
The snow that brought chaos to parts of Britain largely stopped falling yesterday but no one told the BBC. As America marked Groundhog Day, the broadcaster created a time loop of its own, accidentally replaying Friday’s weather forecast on an early-morning bulletin. 
Echoing the Hollywood film, a television weather presenter, Alina Jenkins, relived events of her previous 24 hours, promising “sleet and snow showers piling in . . . on Friday” — in a 5.55am broadcast.
The BBC said in response: 
We inadvertently ran yesterday’s forecast in one of our early morning weather slots.
Wonder if the Corbynistas or the #FBPE brigade will spot an anti-Corbyn, pro-Brexit conspiracy here? 

Meanwhile, who knew that BBC weather forecasts aren't always presented live but sometimes recorded (hence this latest honest mistake)? I have to say that I didn't...but I do now!


  1. They might as well rerun all the Project Fear stories from the Referendum Campaign as well - it would save them a lot of money because it's the same old nonsense being trotted out: economic collapse, invasion by Russia, crime gangs loose on our streets (as if they aren't already), no medicines, no flights, no holidays, no tomatoes, no food, mass starvation and asteroid impact to finish us off because we are no longer part of the European space effort.

  2. Lot of #honestmistake examples round at present. Seniors off to catch the last of the snow before the Global Warming zaps it?

  3. Sky News's press preview slot once ran the previous day's Press Preview. How they managed that I don't know, especially if it's live!


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