Sunday 10 February 2019

Peter v Alastair

For someone who's hardly ever off the BBC, it's surely a bit rich for Alastair Campbell to moan about someone like Peter Hitchens getting an invite to the Today studio. Yet moan he did:

As you might expect, Mr Hitchens didn't take that lying down. I hope you enjoy his replies as much as I did:

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  1. Excellent from the combative Hitchens. The 'Alastair Campbell WMD' man reeks of entitlement. He was never elected to anything yet he pontificates grandly about 'when we were in government'. YOU were never in government, AC WMD, being a mere civil servant with grandiose ideas of yourself and your importance. Like that other loon who now rejoices in the 'Lord' handle, these naked authoritarians, puffed up by the BBC particularly, still think they have a divine right of rule over us, the airwaves, the government and everything else.


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