Saturday 9 February 2019

“We are investigating this issue”

Billy the SNP Slayer

Further to Sue's post, and Stew's comment...

Spot the Activist has long been a popular game among hardcore Question Time watchers - anyone remember Amy Rutland? - and as hardcore Question Time watchers get ever more hardline you can probably expect more headlines like this in today's Times:

Yes, “a former UKIP candidate has appeared for the third time as an audience member on Question Time, evading supposedly stringent checks on applications”. Inevitably, he was spotted. (He always wears an orange jacket, which probably didn't help!). In response to the fuss, a BBC spokesman said, “We are investigating this issue.”


On a possibly unrelated note, there's another headline in The Times today:

The Times says:
BBC Radio Scotland has lost more than 200,000 listeners in two years. 
Its audience reach was 749,000 in the final three months of last year, down from 839,000 in the same quarter the previous year, and 952,000 in 2016. 
The figures were disclosed after it emerged that BBC Radio 4 had lost 750,000 listeners in the past year and BBC 5 Live’s audience had shrunk by about 10 per cent.

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