Wednesday 6 February 2019

For the many not the you-know-who

I just experienced a few brief moments of schadenfreude after reading an article headed: Amnesty International has toxic working culture, report finds.

It wasn’t only from learning about the “widespread bullying, public humiliation, discrimination and other abuses of power”, or the sad fact that “two staff members killed themselves last year.” Nor was it merely the ”evidence of nepotism and hypocrisy “ or that “multiple reports of managers belittling staff in meetings, deliberately excluding certain staff from reporting, or making demeaning, menacing comments like: ‘You’re shit!’ or: ‘You should quit! If you stay in this position, your life will be a misery,’”

Neither was my brief moment of satisfaction derived from the news that “Staff reported multiple accounts of discrimination on the basis of race and gender and which women, staff of colour and LGBTQI employees were targeted or treated unfairly.”

No. I kind of suspected much of that already. The little frisson of pleasure I experienced from seeing all this set out in black and white was purely from the fact that I was reading it in THE GUARDIAN.

The Guardian has provided a platform for anti-Israel and antisemitic opinion for decades.

Amnesty International (Am Nasty) singles out Jews and Israel in the guise of human rights advocacy, their slogan: “We campaign for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all” 

For the many, not the Jew.

Examples below, from the beginning of this year alone. (And it's only 6th Feb)


  1. Amnesty International lost its way along the road somewhere, somehow. Once it had a focus on genuine political prisoners, especially those under threat of execution. Now? Just another anti-Trump, anti-Israel, no-borders, pro-PC organisation. So called "Liberty" has also gone bad, in fact now campaigns against the things it used to campaign for: free speech, academic freedom, equal treatment of individuals before the law, right to public protest, no blasphemy restrictions and so on. It opposes all of those now.

  2. As soon as Jo Cox was killed, people pointed out "It's weird that her husband Brendan lost his save the Children management job thru accusations that he is a sex pest..and it's weird he founded Hope Not Hate".. then it became obvious MSM weren't going to address that part of the story in any way..just swept it under the carpet
    Then 2 years later Oxfam scandal comes up, and harder US evidence came up against Cox ..and suddenly the MSM would talk about it.


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