Saturday 9 February 2019

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Tony Blair and Michael Foot

Memories of Labour in the 1980s and 1990s...

Various tribes existed even then. Moving leftwards you eventually reached the Tribune group. And from there it was straight on to the farthest reaches of the Labour left, the Bennite Campaign group (who now head the Labour Party). The Blairites later brought in the Progress group.

So what? Well, what to make of the permanently-'woke', identity-obsessed, left-wing crowd at BBC Trending? 

They certainly act like a campaign group, but are they the BBC's version of the Campaign group? Or are they (as I suspect) much more a hybrid of Tribune and Progress? 

One things for certain: They certainly ain't right-leaning. 

And, especially on US matters, on the Alt-Right-Antifa spectrum they're definitely on the Antifa side of the scale. (Their main guru has even written a book about the Alt-Right and heckles their supporters on Twitter). 

It reads as if it was written by a left-wing activist hostile to the right-wing British student group in question and set on grinding them into the dust. 

Everything - language, framing, structuring, putting the right-wingers on the defensive, balance of quotes, etc - militates against the right-wing student movement, despite (in true BBC fashion) actually featuring plenty of quotes from members of the right-wing student movement in question for, ahem, 'balance'. 

So is its author, Ed Main, a biased BBC left-leaning journalist who just couldn't help himself? (Does he  even realise how biased his piece reads?) 

And which editor at BBC Trending gave the go-ahead for such a blatantly biased piece?

(Answers on a postcard to Mike Wendling, BBC Trending).

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  1. That article seemed interminable. They must have thought it was worth it. I didn't.
    The word is 'publicly', BBC: 'Samuels says she has suffered online abuse for publically identifying herself as a young black woman who is a conservative.'


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