Saturday 2 February 2019

Not biting the hand that feeds you?

Gosh, I see Lord Adonis hasn't been bad-mouthing the BBC for a few days. Indeed, he's actually tweeted a compliment (31 Jan):
Ok, time for me to be nice about the BBC. They now take 50 apprentices a year & a BBC apprentice just told me the scheme is ‘brilliant’ and ‘much better than going straight to uni.’ Well done BBC!
Call me a cynic, but might his recent abstinence from continuous Beeb-bashing have something to do with this (31 Jan)? 
I’m on Newsnight at 1030 discussing the chaos of the government’s ‘no deal’ legislation. With only 33 parliamentary days before Brexit, it simply can’t now be done in time.
Or this (29 Jan)?
Just about to go on Radio 5 live to discuss how no deal is becoming ‘no way’.
So, is there self-serving method in his BBC-baiting madness? 

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