Saturday 30 May 2020

Pouring oil on the flames

Three CNN journalists - a reporter, a producer and a cameraman - were arrested yesterday while broadcasting live. Another CNN reporter reporting nearby wasn't. 

As CNN covered it live and reacting live they began speculating about a racist motive. The reporter who wasn't arrested is white, they said; the reporter who was arrested is "not white", they said. Soon they were tweeting along the same lines:

I don't quite swallow this whole though because I've watched the original clip in full and seen that both the arrested producer and the arrested cameraman are also white - something which, at the very least, surely complicates the insinuation of racism on the arresting officers' part.

CNN reporter

CNN producer

CNN cameraman

Other journalists added their 'likes' to this race-based take:

Is this an example then of a major broadcast media outfit unnecessarily racialising a story and other media outlets then falling in with their contentious - and possibly inflammatory - angle?

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