Monday 6 December 2021

China and the BBC's pension pot (or Alibaba and the Licence Fee Thieves)

The Daily Mail has a Panorama-like story about pensions funds and unethical investments. 

The 'unethical investor' in this case is the BBC. 

The Mail's headline sums the story up neatly: 

BBC has invested more than £150million in Chinese state-owned companies accused of links to appalling human rights violations.

Sir Iain Duncan Smith is outraged, saying:
Licence fee payers would be horrified to know that, in one way or another, money that they pay to the BBC through their television licence ends ups sustaining a brutal, dictatorial and violent regime that practices genocide. It simply should not happen.

He should 'doorstep' the BBC. 

A BBC spokesman said: ''The scheme, which is operationally independent from the BBC, invests in a wide range of investments with a small proportion invested in Chinese companies. The Scheme has published a responsible investment policy and its fund managers are required to take environmental, social and governance factors into account when making investment decisions.''

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