Sunday 5 December 2021

Introducing the BBC's Harry Farley - an update

Harry Farley, 'senior journalist at BBC News' and the BBC chap in the eye of the storm over the BBC's Oxford Street antisemitism coverage, has 'protected his tweets'

Whether that's because of 'feedback' over his reporting or because we reviewed his tweets a few days ago - such as the one where he heard a Nigel Farage programme on LBC and found it ''absolutely extraordinary. No pretence. He’s given hours of airtime to openly whip up hatred'' [I bet he's not a GB News fan] - and found them somewhat wanting on the impartiality front I simply cannot say.

Probably the former, but you never know. 

If it's the latter: Hi Harry. Please 'correct' your article again and ask the BBC to issue a prominent apology across all relevant platforms and also recommend that your bosses commission an outside-the-BBC person to review everything that went wrong here. Thanks.

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