Saturday 21 October 2017

Islamic Vikings - an update

All credit to the Independent for updating its readers over the much-reported claim that the Vikings wore Arabic words for 'Allah' and 'Ali' in their burial garments, thus suggesting a strong Islamic influence on Viking culture.

They followed up the story with "a leading expert" in medieval Islamic art and archaeology, who has rubbished the claims saying that there's no Arabic script present at all.

It's a fascinating read and, to my mind, places the Swedish researchers (and the media who reported their claims) firmly in the dock.

The BBC's article on the original story was particularly uncritical of the original claims and overly triumphalist for Islam, but the BBC (unlike the Indie) hasn't yet provided an update. 


  1. It's important to register the fact the the BBC do not follow up on anything that doesn't fit the narrative. This is the second such incident lately after the Farage apology demand which was met with stoney silence. If only there were a better way to extract an admission of poor reporting practice from the BBC or at least needle them.

  2. The BBC don't do flagged updates.

    But if they did, the mea culpa would be well hidden.

    With some experience, I have learned that they believe (another BBC trusted word) that 'evolving the story' covers everything up to and including changing it completely to removing it from sight (and site) on occasion if the evidence is damning.

    Which is where page grabs are useful, especially if you don't immediately tell BBC Complaints. This can cause the myriad directors in ECU some embarrassment when produced after they make claims not borne out by facts.

    If one pursues a complaint (I have not for a while, but the Mail OFCOM story on BBBC suggests it is again worth considering entering the labyrinth to crank the pressure further) traditionally this takes a lot of time and effort and anything from six months to a year or more. On occasion a two year ban for mystery reasons they are exempted from explaining.

    1. Thanks for reminding me of that OFCOM story.

  3. Elli Fant-Indaroom21 October 2017 at 23:20

    I am very concerned about the hate-filled Vikingphobia displayed by the people of Jarrow in the 9th century. Shame on you I say to the bigots of Jarrow for not realising that Odin worship is a religion of peace and the Vikings are coming among you to bring vital engineering and other skills to an ageing population (well certainly ageing now the Vikings have carried off all the young women).


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