Saturday 14 October 2017


It is striking how some stories get dropped like stones, for whatever reason. The third story on the Sky News website this morning is an update on yesterday's story of the release of a Canadian/American family from captivity at the hands of Taliban allies in Afghanistan. On arriving in Toronto, the father has now claimed that the Islamist faction raped his wife and murdered his baby girl. The BBC News website, however, has no updates on this story, and yesterday's original BBC report is now only to be found low down on the Asia page. Curious.

Update: The story is now on the BBC News home page.
Further update: It's now the lead story for the BBC.


  1. It’s a very curious story anyhow - what sane person goes backpacking in a war zone?

    1. It certainly is. And he took his pregnant wife with him.

    2. He'd probably been taken in by all the CBC propaganda about the "wonderful hospitality" to be found in that part of the world...I'm sick of how many times I've heard that line in UK media - it's one of those stock in trade comments you get from ex British ambassadors (note to ambassadors - there may be a reason they are treating you so're an ambassador for one thing).

  2. Remind me of why, at first, he was worried about returning. Was it something to do with the fact he was worried what the authorities back home might think, and therefore what possible action they could take, because he had entered Afghanistan? I may be answering my own question but like all of you I'm finding his alleged revelations somewhat hard to swallow.

    MB, I'm with you re the CBC BS. They'll do anything to please that Canadian narcissist little boy of a PM and push his Lefty PC agenda.


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