Tuesday 17 October 2017

Norman Smith, sadly

Our Norm

This lunchtime's BBC One News at One featured the following exchange, with the BBC's assistant political editor Norman Smith letting slip a word he ought not to have let slip:
Sophie Raworth: Let's talk to Norman Smith, who is in Westminster. Well, we've got the OECD, the international think-tank, saying that a second referendum would have a positive, a significant effect on the UK economy if it reversed Brexit. That's not a realistic option though, is it?  
Norman Smith [shaking head]: Sadly not now. Mr Hammond has already said this lunchtime it's not happening and, to be honest, even the most optimistic of Remainer would probably concede it's about as likely as the Loch Ness Monster putting in a surprise appearance. At least for now. 
'Sadly', eh, Norman?


  1. The only response to the OECD is the Mandy Rice Davies one. I am somewhat suspicious of this narrative about regretful leave voters. Anita Arnand on this week’s Any Answers went out of her way to ask callers who had now changed their minds to phone in. Most of the few who did call were now, given the bloody-mindedness of the EU in the negotiations, even more convinced that we should leave. Clearly not what Anita expected to hear. None of this is very scientific, but neither are the speculations of the OECD that the BBC is so keen to broadcast.

  2. ....Well, we've got the OECD, the international think-tank, saying that a second referendum would have a positive, a significant effect....

    Did Sophie forget to mention that OECD are staunchly pro EU and that their HQ is in Paris?

    ....the international think-tank... 35 member countries of which the majority are EU members.

    1. ..... and OECD receives large sums of cash from the EU. Bet that wasn't mentioned in the BBC report.


  3. "Ah well, when WE win the next referendum..."

  4. I think I'm getting the hang of this...

    Sadly, Norman Smith is still considered by the BBC to have basic journalism skills.

    Sadly, the BBC doesn't make any effort to enforce its impartiality rules.

    Sadly, the BBC considers that Barnier's bottom emanations smell of eau de cologne.

    By Jove, he's got it!!!

    1. Of course the comments show the usual pro-brexit bias - especially from the aptly-named monkey brains. Such is his paranoia that he thinks Macron lobbies Norman Smith - sure he does.... By the way, brexit will be a total disaster

  5. The One O'Clock news was typical of what we have come to expect:

    1. Inflation up to a five-year high, blame the Government, blame Bank of England

    2. Brexit negotiation no progress to report despite Theresa May's efforts. Let's hear reports from EU's point of view.

    3. OECD report - second referendum?

    1. Would be interesting to know how much lobbying went on by the likes of Blair, Macron, and others to get that disgraceful second referendum reference in.

    2. As for the BBC bias, you only have to listen to Kuennsberg, Humphreys, Nick Robinson, Andrew Neil - all right wingers and/or Tory fans.


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