Saturday 28 October 2017

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...

You should know who by now

More Rob Burley, Andrew Marr Show editor, versus the world (of Twitter), here (as ever) presented in the form of dialogue from a West End theatre play:

ROB BURLEY: #marr in the morning: Jeremy Hunt, Diane Abbott, Sir Antony Beevor, Owen Jones, Isabel Oakeshott plus (unpictured) music from Jason Isbell.
BEN DAVIES: Another show, another appearance for Oakeshott. Amazed she's given such freedom to express her horrid views. Down there with Hartley-Brewer.
ROB BURLEY: First time she's ever been on Marr as it happens, but let me guess: you disagree with her opinions?
ROB M: I bet he has no problem with Polly Toynbee on every week though.
ROB BURLEY: Which she isn't obviously. [To Ben Davies] In summary, you prefer Owen to Isabel. Which is fine but not a reason not to include Isabel. Oh and I'm for freedom to express views. You say they're horrid that's well, your opinion, which you have the freedom to express.
BEN DAVIES: Her views are purposefully flammatory, with a lot of misleading conjecture. I'd much prefer someone that talks strictly facts.
ROB BURLEY: So, in summary, your views are better than hers?
BEN DAVIES: Simply, a factual show discussing important matters should reflect factual analysis and evidence.
ROB BURLEY: AKA your views.
BEN DAVIES: Facts aren't views Rob. They're by definition true. She has a tendency for flammatory/incorrect dialogue. We'll see what she says tomorrow.
ROB BURLEY: You won't like what she says & will say you have better facts. You've someone you DO agree with on though so why not just go with it?
WILL HOPKINS: Oakshott represents a fringe of the political spectrum. She gets more airtime than all the left wingers combined, which is mainstream.
ROB BURLEY: She's on with Owen Jones.
WILL HOPKINS: Yes, @OwenJones84 and @rachshabi are the only left wing commentators I ever see. This is how you are perceived, whether you like it or not.
ROB BURLEY: By you Will. Whether you like it or not.
PREMITROM: This has become a form of sport for you Rob :)
ROB BURLEY: If you like. It's a crap sport though, I prefer football.


  1. He's quite amusing! :) Prefer someone like that to the usual virtue-signalling robots.

  2. He's so sharp, it's delicious. Sarcy as hell. None of these would-be challengers can touch him in a tweet off.


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