Monday 16 October 2017

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  1. A nasty low has drifted in from the Atlantic...I'm talking about Hillary Clinton of course. Woman's Hour pulled the old "I have to mention..." trick with her today to disguise their they "had to mention" the accusations (suddenly you don't believe the women Woman's Hour?) against her husband (not even sure he got a name check...nice touch). Yes they had to mention them but only in the most general terms allowing her to bat the question away in the most general terms. If they had really wanted to raise the issue they would have quoted back at her what she said about the women accusing Bill (all on record), the details of the allegations (which she has never accepted were true, remember) and also her comments on that case where she got the defendant off in a serious case of assault against a (female) child.

    Woman's Hour - happy to help Hillary...

    Then we had a female firefighter on, decrying the fact we still had a programme called Fireman Sam on grounds discrimination...while on a programme still called, er, Woman's Hour...not like that's an hour's worth of broadcasting discriminating against half the population is it?

    1. It remains weird having a programme that pursues a feminist agenda so relentlessly despite only a tiny number of women self-identifying as 'feminists' (under 10%).

      They are evidently NOT speaking for most women.

    2. But.... they speak for the nation?

      Which is about 50% women.

      The maths gets tricky now.


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