Sunday 15 October 2017

The BBC and social conservatism?

Here's a little something from Rod Liddle's latest Sunday Times column. (I obviously can't vouch for how true it is): 
I often get asked by broadcasters to put a socially conservative view. When the BBC needs someone to advance these opinions, the producers refer to it as “dial-a-c***”.


  1. Small c Tory? It’s very believable unfortunately for the BBC

  2. Have a heart! It must be very difficult when 99% of your contacts are liberal left and the remaining 1% are likely to say that they're busy that day.

  3. Certainly reads true.

    As ever it would matter not a jot if our national treasure broadcaster wasn't funded through taxation.

    Due to our unique way of funding.

    Call a Joe who disagrees a c*** and might as well behave like one.

  4. Interesting little article -

    According to the Fake News BBC the "far right"* suffered "emphatic defeats" in France and the Netherlands (although they both came second and Le Pen scored 33%). But when it comes to the Austrian Greens, no they haven't suffered an "emphatic defeat", they are simply "uncertain of reaching" 4%. They also describe the Greens as "pro-refugee" - er no, they are "pro-no borders" as they want to admit anyone, absolutely anyone, who walks across the national boundary, meaning it is not a border.

    * I don't believe the Dutch Freedom Party is "far right". Front Nationale might fairly be described as such.

    1. Aye, the Austrian Greens got 12.4% in the last election in 2013. This time it's looking as if they may get nearer to 3%. That's as emphatic a defeat as you could get!


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