Thursday 26 October 2017

A would-be 'hate crime' against Katie Hopkins

Another curious difference between ITV, Sky and the BBC's reporting this afternoon can again be summarised by screengrabs of their headlines for another story.

ITV has:

Sky has:

The BBC has:

It gets even odder. Not only does the BBC not include the terrorist's wish to murder Katie Hopkins in their headline (unlike both ITV and Sky), it also fails to mention anything about the threat to Katie's life in its main news report either. 

Why is the BBC uninterested in reporting this angle to the story?


Seriously, the BBC's lack of interest in the Katie Hopkins part of the story is extraordinary. The online newspapers are also making it a key angle (The IndependentMadihah Taheer: Woman who fantasised about beheading Katie Hopkins convicted over terror plot; The TimesIslamist married couple bought knives and planned to behead columnist Katie Hopkins; The TelegraphWould-be jihadist fantasised about beheading of Katie Hopkins and helped husband prepare for terror attack, etc).

The BBC website also has a long article by Dominic Casciani (almost a love story) which also completely fails to mention Katie Hopkins.


  1. For the same reason it ignored the attempt on Trump by a UK citizen, apart from a few cursory reports?

  2. Fantasising about doing something is categorically different to planning it.

  3. Dom is quite the old romantic:

  4. Victimhood is a powerful weapon. The BBC know that - they were complicit in creating victim culture. But just like socialism it has nothing to do with fairness, just power.


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