Sunday 15 October 2017

A Thank You Open Thread

A thumbs-up from Eric too

Thank you to all of you who have kept commenting during our Rip van Winkle tribute act these past couple of weeks or so. Much appreciated.

P.S. Time for a bit of celebrity name-dropping.

On the Wolverhampton to Stockport leg of my train journey home yesterday I had Radio 4 presenter Michael Rosen sitting across the aisle from me. It was nice to see that his Trotskyite principles didn't prevent him from opting to travel first-class with me instead of showing solidarity with the downtrodden proletarians in standard class.

It was the first time I've travelled first-class on a train. You get free cups of tea, fruitcake and crisps and a bit more leg room. If you're lucky you might also get a free breakfast bun. (We weren't, as the trolley service took two and a hour hours to get to us and it wasn't on offer by that stage. Mustn't grumble though.)

I wonder which Radio 4 presenter will be joining me next time? My money's on Laurie Taylor. 


  1. Good to see that the principles of the 100 year old Bolshevik Revolution are still alive and well in the person of Mr Rosen and his First Class ticket.

  2. I go on a train regularly from Newark Northgate to London Kingcross - Virgin 1st class is actually pretty good, you get coffee & choice of breakfast in the morning and an evening meal and free booze on the way back. I’d be considered one of the oppressors by the Bolsheviks, I’m ok with it.

    1. This was Cross Country. They've always been good to travel with, so maybe I'll just still with standard class when travelling with them from now on and just go first class on Virgin. I'll let Michael Rosen plot the downfall of the bourgeoisie in peace.

  3. Hilary Clinton was on the One Show last night, and didn't they do her proud - Lots of light-hearted banter, open season declared on Donald Trump with her comments being applauded, and her jokes met with high-spirited laughter.

    The issue of Harvey Weinstein and his Democrat connections was briefly mentioned and then quickly swept under the carpet. There were hints that Donald Trump might be a sexual predator just like Weinstein.

    There was a piece about Emmeline Pankhurst, talking about strong women and their influence on future generations as the camera switched to and fro between Clinton and a marching banner held up at the back of the studio.

    Hilary Clinton must have thought 'I'm amongst friends here'.


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