Sunday 22 October 2017

Questions for 'Panorama' from Emily Thornberry

The famous Emily Thornberry

This morning's Andrew Marr show also featured Emily Thornberry, newly sensible-sounding and boring. (Has she been coached?)

You might not be aware though of a letter which Ms Thornberry has recently sent to the BBC  on behalf of a constituent concerning a 2013 edition of Panorama. It was addressed to Panorama editor Rachel Jupp: 


  1. After the MPs expenses scandal - where duck-pond nesting-boxes were seized upon with relish as being high on the list of misdemeanour - how about a witch-hunt into BBC expenses? Abuses by MPs might seem innocent thereafter.

  2. This one could get interesting, or result in nothing at all if it's knobbled.
    The original investigative journalism comes from 21st Century Wire, courtesy of Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett.
    They've been covering this for a couple of years. If this story gets legs, Boris Johnson will be put under a spotlight that he won't enjoy - British government funding of the White Helmets and contributions to anti Assad media to the tune of millions. In the long run, Thornberry sees this as a gotcha moment, but I'll be amazed if it goes any further. It'll turn Boris into Blair which, in my opinion, he deserves.

  3. The wider context to this matter is discussed here and here


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