Saturday 15 September 2018

A time and a place

I wondered whether to mention this yesterday but then forgot...

Mishal Husain was talking to Jonathan McNamara from the American Red Cross about Hurricane Florence about the evacuation efforts in the US when she suddenly introduced a political question: 
Given that you're on this emergency footing and you're working as hard as you can to focus minds and then to focus energies towards this cause, is it difficult that at the same time as you're doing that President Trump is tweeting about Puerto Rico and questioning what is now the official death toll from that hurricane?
As you'd expect, given the nature of his job, Mr. McNamara, chose not to answer that question:
I have to be honest. For us our focus is 100% on doing the job that we do.
As, I think, should Mishal's focus have been here. There's a time and a place for trying to prod relief agencies into criticising Donald Trump but this surely wasn't it.


  1. This is what interests the BBC though. It's not the substance of things but surface gossip and a potential political row or drama they can manufacture or promote.

    That's why they come out with things like saying that no one is interested in the Treasury's revenue figures. They are like gossip and sensation addicts.

  2. As I had noted in the other place, it was not Mishal’s day. Just before the 7am news she was interviewing someone from Salisbury cathedral about the 2 Russians involved with the novochok attacks. Mishal then decided to ask him about the Archbishop ‘s attack on Amazon in the light of the information that the Church Commissioners were investing in the Company. The Dean or whoever from the church replied firmly that he had not come onto the radio to discuss Amazon.


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