Wednesday 26 September 2018

Top of the agenda ..."Palestine"

Apparently, somewhere in the Telegraph, it says: “When submitting motions/discussions for conference CLP's voted Palestine top of the agenda above any domestic problems the UK may be having.”

Indeed, the first thing the ‘Labour gov’ment’ will do, announced the Grand Wizard of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition to Israel -- is “recognise the State of Palestine”.

Standing ovation. 

That was further evidenced by the BBC’s Vicky Young who was stationed outside the auditorium to question people as they streamed out, after Jeremy Corbyn’s conference speech.

“What impressed you most about what dear leader said in his speech?” she asked (not verbatim)

“Palestine!” came the reply from several ecstatic Corbynites. 

If she had further enquired “Why?”  I suppose the answer  would be something like “Because of what Israel is doing.”  

Here’s a comment from Harry’s Place regular “Anton Deque” which captures the mood.
(I do hope Mr Deque doesn’t mind me stealing the whole thing)

“It is emblematic and damning that the issue of Israel and Palestine obsessing Labour (sic) has absolutely no daily impact on the lives of millions in the United Kingdom who are in the tenth year of Austerity. Dramatic rises in rough sleepers, street begging, 'hot sofa' homeless young people and the impact of economic migration mean less than casting pointless votes on matters outside the competence of any likely future government. But it also illustrates better than any other fact the absolute chasm that now exists between Corbyn's Troto-Labour and its enthusiasm to exploit Islamic detestation of Jews and the real and pressing daily problems affecting the working class the Labour Party was founded to defend. 
Nothing could be more explicit nor irrelevant to the lives of no wage and low wage people here who need hope. It is, however, utterly defining of the theocracy of the far left: World Revolution, continuous, begins, unsurprisingly to students of the far left, with the destruction of the Jews.”


  1. Harry's Place really don't get my sympathy. They supported the Blair migration wave. Anyone on that site who adopted a sceptical approach to the wonders of mass immigration was treated as a racist back in the day. I suspect they are having second thoughts now - looks like it. But I see they are still stirring in a strong dose of irrelevance - street begging? it's a business and in London mostly under the control of druggies and gangs from overseas...There are very few real beggars. If the Police enforced the laws against street begging, it would be eliminated overnight and the few who really do need support would find it from Churches and charities.

    1. Just been to Stockholm - fairly prosperous as cities go. Street beggars everywhere, main points of operation are outside tube stations and convenience stores. Mainly women wearing brightly coloured clothes (almost a kind of uniform), rattling their little tin cups, and all seeming to be of a certain religious persuasion.
      But I guess no-one from Labour has been there lately..........

  2. Is that a Corbyn Nazi salute I see!!

    1. I heard some of the speech on the radio. The response from the audience at various parts of the speech was definitely reminiscent of Hitler and Stalin rallies - that kind of rythmic, foot stomping pulsating applause-cum-cheering. I found it quite frightening. We are really being faced with the prospect of a totalitarian movement on the march that could capture the state. They have clearly indicated that they intend to close down all free speech except that on the left. They will interfere in our free press and ensure that the BBC moves from soft to hard left propaganda. Once they have their hands on the levers of the state they will be able to exert all sorts of pressure on individuals, organisations and companies.

    2. I was listening to clips of the speech on 'The World at One' and the rhythmic clapping struck me as very Soviet. I seriously wondered if it was a distortion on my laptop's speakers, as I couldn't believe it was happening but, no, it really was happening.

    3. Thanks for that confirmation Craig. Much appreciated. We really are entering on dangerous times and it's good to know if someone else can see the same thing happening...

    4. PS Yes it's interesting you mentioned thinking it might be distortion on your speakers...I wondered whether I wasn't quite tuned into Radio 4 and that was what was causing that noise...but it seems it wasn't distortion, it was indeed that very totalitarian audience response to the leader's inspirational moments.

  3. The Grand Wizard's bit about antisemitism today was couched in his usual language about rejecting antisemitism "and all other forms of racism". He just cant bring himself to speak solely about antisemitism. And his closing line on the subject was:

    "The row over antisemitism has caused immense hurt and anxiety in the Jewish community and great dismay in the Labour Party. But I hope we can work together to draw a line under it."

    I bet he wants to "draw a line under it"! How could any reasonable person think that's an adequate response?

  4. When I saw Corbyn standing in front of his adoring audience in his ill-fitting suit, looking like a caricature of a Jarrow marcher in his Sunday best, I couldn’t help reflecting that the personality at the head of these sinister personality-cults is almost always a total mediocrity. Is there some kind of psychological compulsion that draws people to such unexceptional characters or is Corbyn just a reflection of the mediocrity of his followers? Not that any of this helps. Watching it was indeed a truly frightening experience. No doubt the cheering and stomping audience with whom Corbyn appeared so relaxed were the same people who have been posting anti-Semitic bile on social media.

    1. I’m afraid most of the current political class are mediocrity personified. Where are the future leaders with a clear vision and great oratory skills who can appeal to the masses on both sides of the political spectrum? The last time we saw that was Blair in 1997 and he turned out to be a fraud and a liar who introduced many of the left liberal changes that have caused so much damage.

      So now we appear to be stuck with May and Corbyn. Two uninspiring leaders who definitely don’t appeal to the majority. May is just useless but resilient, Corbyn is an antidote to New Labour and spin. He appeals to fervent party members for that reason but not to many of the traditional Labour voters.

      However, partisan political party allegiances run so deep in this country that despite transgressions and serious reservations on policy when push comes to shove many hold their nose and vote the way they always have.

    2. I would tend to agree with you!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. The difference is that Teresa May is not adored by her supporters. The slightest criticism of her does not stir up a Twitterstorm of angry Mayinistas defending “Teresa”. Personally, I think that is a healthy state of affairs in a modern democracy. It almost defines what we were once allowed to refer to as Britishess. It’s objective. It’s a realistic view of the world and of human failings. Corbyn(ism) is a new and very disturbing phenomenon in this country. It’s very hard not to see the connection to totalitarianism.

  5. Palestine FFS. Tell us something sensible, necessary and affordable you plan to do as the next Government on:

    Illegal immigration
    Threat of fundamentalist islam
    Reducing public sector spending waste
    Gangs and gang/drug related crime
    Social care for the elderly
    Conditions of UK's roads and transport infrastructure

    I could go on.


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