Saturday 15 September 2018

Catching up

Today's From Our Own Correspondent saw the BBC's Emma Jane Kirby return to a story she's covered before: the tale of an opposition radio station in Syria (presently based in Istanbul) called Radio Alwan. She seems to be heavily emotionally invested in it.

Guess who the main 'baddie' of the story turned out to be? Clue: He's a president. Well, if you said 'President Assad' you were close but not correct. Here's the real answer:
Like many NGO's in north-west Syria Radio Alwan has fallen victim to the Trump administration's decision last Easter to pull $200 million of funding for Syria's stabilisation projects. That news, Sami recounts quietly, his voice reverberating a little over our Skype line, came completely out of the blue and felt like a strike to the head.

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  1. Emma Jane Kirby yet ANOTHER* BBC journalist (like Jenny Hill), from a privately educated and wealthy background who thinks mass immigration of undocumented persons is great for our society (she got big brownie points for her Lampedusa fantasy reporting).

    It is just amazing how many top level BBC journos are privately educated. It must be at least 3 or 4 times the national average. What hypocrites they are!


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