Sunday 30 September 2018

Gone to the pub?

Another Twitter conversation, provoked by the following tweet:

Rob Burley, BBC: This is an odd “exclusive” because that makes it sound as if Tommy Robinson is somebody all broadcasters are definitely bidding and competing for. Whereas, for my programmes anyway, we’re just not.
Owen Jones (to Rob Burley): An honourable decision.
James O'Brien (to Rob Burley): Respect.
Jonathan Dimbleby (to Rob Burley): How strange. The same is true of  BBC Any Questions as well. Who are all those broadcasters busily bidding for Mr Robinson?
Dan Hodges (to Rob Burley): Genuine question. On what editorial basis would you exclude Robinson?
Rob Burley (to Dan Hodges): I’m just not bidding for him. Obviously things could change and he could become a political leader of a significant party etc. but he’s not. So my point was that it’s a funny use of “exclusive”.
Dominic Casciani, BBC (to Rob Burley): I think the appropriate phrase would be “INCLUSIVE: Man finally gets round to speaking to Sky after all of us who are interested have done our bit and gone to the pub”.


Whatever your views of Tommy Robinson, this 12-minute video is an absolute 'Gotcha!' as regards Sky News:


  1. It's a close run thing but O'Brien snatches the prize for sanctimonious prat. Extra points for brevity.

    What a collection of spineless narrow minded wastes of skin.

  2. In other words, this man isn't newsworthy because we've decided not to feature him in our news programmes.
    Does anyone doubt that if TR had been of a favoured demographic his treatment would have received blanket coverage?

    1. Indeed: try the thought experiment - imagine if a BLM activist had been tried and sentenced within 5 hours to a term of 13 months for contempt of court, and then been reduced to starvation rations while in prison, owing to poisoning attempts by racist prisoners out to kill the activist. I think the BBC might be interested then...just possibly.

  3. Have we seen an apology from Sky, or the BBC reporting upon the malicious intent of Sky towards TR? I don't suppose so. The trouble is that for every person who has watched this video and thus knows the truth, there are many thousands who will have taken the Sky misinformation at face value.


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