Saturday 15 September 2018

Being fair

As we try to be a fair blog, it's fair to say that Politics Live...

[a programme more tweeted about than The Bodyguard if my Twitter feed is anything to go by - which it most certainly isn't 😊]...

... has been introducing lots of less-familiar faces after all. 

I'd agreed with critics the other day that it was still 'mostly' the same old 'studio circuit' faces and suggested that a 'refreshing' of the guest list was needed.

Watching recent episodes, I'll now concede that I was wrong and that there are plenty of 'fresh faces' on it. I'd never heard of several of this week's guests (Nimco Ali, Harsimrat Kaur,  Steven Edginton, Grace Fit, Lara Spirit, or Jordan Stephens), and others - like the excellent Danny Lockwood - have only just started become getting invites from the BBC. 

(Actually, I'd never heard of several of the MPs either!)

But I won't complain about that. That's what I asked for, and that's what I'm getting. And I enjoyed the likes of the splendid Steven Edginton and Grace Fit yesterday very much, and several of the others too. 

Some people though are less easy to please:

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