Saturday 29 September 2018

"Whether this happened or not..."

Here's another transcript, just for all of you Katty Kay fans (and I know there are legions of you out there). It comes from the BBC News Channel's Outside Source.

I've highlighted in bold some of the choicer passages. The way Katty and, indeed, Ros drop in those little sops to impartiality whilst being anything but impartial and immediately contradicting themselves is almost...almost...worthy of grudging admiration (especially if you're into Machiavelli).

Ros Atkins: And Katty, even if the Republicans do take Brett Kavanaugh's side of the story, does his demeanour have any bearing on their decision? Because a lot of people have been watching this and thinking, this man's not calm, this man is not reflective as you might expect a judge to be, and he certainly is not nonpartisan. 
Katty Kay: So, in 1991, Clarence Thomas was accused of sexual harassment by Anita Ford (sic). She gave her testimony and was seen to be very credible. He then came back after her testimony, fighting and very defiantly. He called it a high-tech lynching. He was absolutely furious and angry and he was then confirmed to the Supreme Court. He still sits on the Supreme Court's 27 years later. So it's quite possible...there's a precedent here for a judge to come out and be angry like this, to be emotional like this and still be confirmed to the Supreme Court. We've heard it happen before. The partisan site is interesting because Clarence Thomas did not take on Democrats and the left in the way that Brett Kavanaugh has done during the course of this hearing. I don't think, however, that that will mean that you will have Republicans suddenly saying, oh dear, he's too partisan, we can't vote to confirm him. 
Ros Atkins: Now Katty, on the Outside Source screen I've just put up the picture here from the hearing that the New Yorker tweeted out showing the view that Christine Blasey Ford was facing - a raft of white older men - and you and lots of women around the world watching her testimony commented on how the whole experience was profoundly uncomfortable, regardless of whether you believe her story or Brett Kavanaugh's. 
Katty Kay: Yeah, I think there would have been a lot of women who listened to the account she gave...and you just played it there. That's I think the fifth time I've heard it, and it's hard to listen to, Ros, frankly, every single time. And I think there will have been women who have been the victims of sexual abuse who will have listened to that and felt a certain amount of PTSD. Whether this happened or not, and we may never know what happened or did not happen in that room, whether this happened or not, her account was very compelling, it was very emotional. I had read the testimony beforehand but it was a punch in the gut to hear it. To hear her deliver it was very powerful and it will have had a big impact on women who've been through similar things. 


  1. Is it now mandatory at the BBC to state skin colour every time? Here we have 'a raft of white older men'. What has that got to do with it? In the other thread about Newsnight, in the script it was 'all male, all white' if I remember correctly.

  2. Do these cretins not realise there is no corroborating evidence for the claims in any of the three accusations?
    Of course they do - silly me.

    I've had a long time suspicion that the media hive-mind consults itself. This time, I think they've tripped up.

    Blasey - Ford and her lawyers lied about her 'fear of flying'. Her best friend can't back up her story, she can't say when or where the assault happened, how she got there, how she got home, or how many people were present.
    What happened to make the shrieking idiots in the media think they'll win people over with this stuff?


    Tucker Carlson 28/9/2018

    watch from 32'42" to 33' 16"

    Not so hard to understand Katty et al.

  4. Serena Williams, Dr Ford and Dany Cotton have all played the Female Right To Be Emotional card, but Judge Kananaugh is supposed to keep calm while his reputation is trashed. I expect if he had kept his cool then he would have been accused of lacking empathy and thus unfit to be a judge in the Supreme Court. White men don't get dealt any cards in the Victim Wins All game we are now all expected to play.

  5. She doesn't mention that Clarence and Anita (Hill I think, not Ford - transcript error I think)...were both Black (African-American). I thought Anita was pretty persuasive as I recall, to the extent that if Clarence had been white I doubt he would have survived. But Ford? Anita knew exactly where she was when the events she described took place but Ford can't recall at all. Odd.

    1. Well spotted. Rechecking the interview it was Katty who got her names mixed up. I've popped a 'sic' into the transcript.


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