Monday 24 September 2018


Are Andrew Marr’s ears burning, d'you think?

Shame. The media is smearing Poor Jeremy with the truth. 
I wonder if John literally meant “friend?” or “friend” in a collective way? 

I’m thinking one minute there’s a rumour that if the antisemitism exposé row threatens to jeopardise Labour’s prospects the shadow chancellor is willing to dump Dear Leader. I thought I just heard him say on Politics Live something like: “The new leader should definitely be a lady”. 

Oh well. This was definitely a cringe-worthy moment - even without the warm embrace - I notice it’s not in the transcript on the Spectator.

Oddly enough, Faiza didn’t want to talk about it.


  1. Faiza has turned her inarticulacy into quite an effective political's difficult to get hold of a slippery eel. John Prescott did something similar with his grammar-crunching syntax.

    1. At least in Prescott's case he couldn't help himself. Dr Faiza Shaheen is about as phoney as they come. A weapon is a very good description.

      No doubt one of our excellent Radio 4 comedians is already working on a parody featuring all those missed consonants...or not.

  2. Exposed: Labour's rigorous and unforgiving selection process for prospective MP's.

    Panel: Briefly talk us through why you are interested in representing your local community.
    Candidate: I want you make me MP.
    Panel: And what are your credentials? What characteristics do you have that underlines your suitability for this role?
    Candidate: I woman. Also from effnic you know, minority.
    Panel: Education? Qualifications? Life experiences? Connection with your local area?
    Candidate: eh? This bloody Mastermend or summat? Bloke at Job Centre said to just turn up and say I wanted it and that'd be it.
    Panel: We like your honesty and we like your directness and aspirational mindset.
    Candidate: When do I start then innit?


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