Tuesday 11 September 2018

Many of the people we've spoken to say...

Here's how Jenny Hill concluded her remarks about the Swedish election outcome on last night's BBC News at Ten
In the meantime, Swedes are digesting the news that the far-right have made such significant gains here. Many of the people we've spoken to say they are horrified by the anti-immigrant rhetoric of the Sweden Democrats and that they are embarrassed that this country, like so many other EU states in the wake of the migrant crisis, appears to be shifting to the political right.
Wonder if Jenny is ever embarrassed at her own reporting?


  1. I'm embarrassed that the BBC has shifted so far to the "PC is right".

  2. 'Many' as in I found two people who said they didn't vote for Sweden Democrats so I fed them a few leading answers that they agreed with. I didn't bother with anyone who wouldn't play my game.

    1. Your cynicism is terrible...or are you actually Jenny Hill???


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